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UKRAINIAN- AFGHANISTAN Union of Co-operation congratulates the people of Afghanistan on the national holiday - Independence Day!

We have the honor to congratulate the people of Afghanistan on the national holiday - Independence Day.

Your country passed a long historical way in the making of national building. Your people heroically gained their rights to freedom and independence. In recent years, Afghanistan held a large number of positive changes and carried out structural reforms.

We sincerely believe that between our two countries will always be present friendship and mutual understanding. We hope to further strengthen bilateral relations and effective cooperation.

On this special day we wish the people of Afghanistan peace and further prosperity of your country

Afghanistan - a country have gone through the hart times, but overcomes the difficulties and for several years fast developing. Restoration of agriculture, industry, construction and other industries opens up a great opportunities for local businesses and foreign partners. Afghanistan show a great interest to companies of many countries.

Union Ukrainian of Afghan cooperation was created to establish contacts between businessmen of our countries, the expansion of trade and mutually beneficial cooperation.

The Union welcomes the Ukrainian business to try their hand in this market. It is now time to start, because the good places niches should not be debt free!

Yuriy Yekhanurov

In the mid-November, Ukrainian delegation during the working week was on a visit in Kabul, the capital of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Before sharing experiences, I want to say that we have long developed warm relations with the Afghan diaspora in Ukraine. Incidentally, in our country, in the difficult years of the war in Afghanistan, have found refuge 70,000 Afghans have received citizenship, study and work and consider themselves are Ukrainian.

During our visit, we met with the ministers of finance, oil and minerals, and construction. We met with the administration of Kabul, the chief architect of the capital, had a conversation with the agency that deals with the construction of the New Kabul (Afghanistan authorities want to build a new modern city near the capital).

We held meetings with members of parliament and business and financial community of Afghanistan.

We were amazed by the great interest of Afghan officials and businessmen in cooperation with Ukraine.

We have very similar tragic pages of history, very different culture, but the same desire of peoples to build a better future.

In one of our meetings we have formulated the goal of our organization: "In Afghanistan represent Ukraine and Ukraine to defend the interests of the friendly people of Afghanistan." It is this idea was appreciated by all the people with whom we had to meet.

Created by us "Union Ukrainian of Afghan cooperation" started its activities as an intermediary of the entrepreneurs interests of both countries.

Vitaliy Lazarenko, director of the "Union of Ukrainian-Afghan cooperation"
Sergey Lutsenko, expert.

HomePurposes of activityPartnersUkraineAfghanistanContacts

Union of Ukrainian-Afghan cooperation, 2014